Hybrid 17 Contacting Ltd. has been in operation for the last 15 seasons. The company was purchased by owners Lasse Lutick and Sarah Winsor from Toni Lutick, Lasse's mom. Toni planted under the name Forestcraft prior to 1999, and Lasse and Sarah were active in supervising the contract for quite a few years before forming Hybrid 17. The last 20 seasons of Hybrid 17/Forestcraft planting have been mainly preferred bid contracts for Houston Forest Products (HFP). Lasse started planting when he was 12, has been a foreman for 11 seasons, a co-owner of Hybrid 17 with Sarah for 15 years, and a supervisor starting in 2004. Sarah planted for 5 seasons and was a supervisor for 9 seasons.

Sarah started Nursing school January 2006, and finished in the fall of 2008- those of you that were taken care of over the years by 'nurse Sarah' know how appropriate this is. She is still in charge of our Safety Program and training, getting our program SAFE Certified in 2010.